Melbourne Public Transport Network Problematic

Peak hour crowd at Flinders Street Station.

Public transport experts gave Melbourne’s public transport system a rating of less than five on a scale of ten.

The rating considered trains, trams and buses.

The Victorian government’s lack of policy implementation towards public transport improvement was the main factor contributing to Melbourne’s transport problems.

Experts found the government’s solution to easing overloaded trains during peak hours insufficient.

“We’re about to spend 2 billion dollars on 38 new trains… that will make a very little difference to overloading,” Professor Graham Currie, Monash University’s Chair of Public Transport said. “It’ll keep pace with the growth we have.”

Professor Graham Currie also said that traffic congestions in the central business district compromises on tram efficiency.

Inadequate public transport service was a major area of concern encouraging car dependency in Melbourne.

President of Public Transport User’s Association, Daniel Bowen, said, “We got a lot of areas with infrequent routes, particularly bus routes in the middle and outer suburbs where services might only be every 30 to 60 minutes… no one who has a choice is going to use those routes.”

The Myki implementation received criticisms for not living up to expectations.

Professor Graham Currie said, “The worldwide approach to success is to under promise and to over deliver, right, they have gone about this by over promising and under delivering.”


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